selected videos

Air Bag Weep (2011)

Video as part of the installation huiipfuii (2011)

10:21 min

Life without (2003/04)

The heads of talkmasters, jury and audience all seem to get the same face.
The head repeats his sentence in a loop: "I pray every day for a life without repetition." It all leads to a media breakdown.

ca. 3 min

Rogier van der Weyden Imitation (2004)

Life performance in the Prado, Madrid (Spain) in front of Rogier van der Weydens masterpiece.

1:07 min

Fontaine Copy (2004)


Performance signing-action at the Prado, Madrid (Spanien) and at the Academy of Fine Arts, Madrid.

1:45 min

I´m deranged (2003)





Coocoo Clone Country (2003)


A LoFi-song provides the basis for the roadmovie collage-video.

Text / Music / Video: Wolfgang Neumann

3:07 min

GosNeu: Architecture in London (2008)

GosNeu are constructing London. This documentation shows the artists as great architects with a vision.

6:25 min

GosNeu: The MegaStar-Box (2003)

This performance by Wolfgang Neumann & Sven Gossel is interactive for the audience. Every visitor of the box is completely isolated in the closed MegaStarbox (1 sqm including stage, discoball, fog-machine, etc.) The two stars are getting very close, singing their songs into the face of the fan who is forced to let it all happen.

Installation, Video, Cut: Sven Gossel and Wolfgang Neumann

Camera: Sergei Moser

 ca 11 min

Mal mir das Bild vom Tod (Paint the painting of death) (2001) Teil I & Teil II

Idea, Video, Music, Cut: Sven Gossel & Wolfgang Neumann
Camera: Sergei Moser

1. Price of the Festival of HDM Stuttgart (Stuttgart Media University)

1. Price of the magazine "video digital"

ca. 17 min